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"Apparition" Ballerina Original Painting on Canvas - 12"x18"

"Apparition" Ballerina Original Painting on Canvas - 12"x18"

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A great piece of art can be the beginning of a new you. During the pandemic I started making art again. I worked on the background for the ballerina for about a week. It took me back to myself. And the details in the green background, the tiny specks of red visible up close, for example, draw you in and reward you for pausing to look.

I called her "apparition" becaause the pale wash I'd put in initially was so beautiful to me that I decided not to touch it. It's one of my most popular pieces and I hope she finds a good home.

Twice varnished. Canvas measures: 12"x18"x5/8"

[Important note: I reserve the right to reproduce this painting for prints, postcards, etc.]

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